Thursday, September 20, 2007

Working Mothers Feel Persecuted.

Childless women 'hostile to working mums'

Notice the difference between their title and my own? Well, here's why:
Women who do not have children are considerably less sympathetic than men to mothers trying to juggle home and career, researchers have discovered.

More than half of working mothers said childless women were less understanding of the demands facing them, says a survey of 1,500 mothers.
Emphasis mine. Too bad the researchers didn't "discover" the wonders of an unbiased sample. Next project: In a survey of 10 year old boys, researchers "discover" that girls have cooties.
The Working Mothers' Report found that . . .[t]he overwhelming majority — 94 per cent — said juggling home and office life had a deleterious, harmful to body and mind, effect on their career.
. . .
And 66 per cent of working mothers said pushing for flexible working that they knew an employer could accommodate, such as working from home or taking different hours, would have a negative effect on their careers.
Yes, because self-interested employees are always a perfect judge of what employers can accommodate. Does the conclusion imply that there are no downsides to being unreachable during working hours, less productive, and not being there for face to face meetings? Or are they just stating that it is their employer's obligation to accommodate the business costs of these women's choices?
Ben Black, the founder of the child-care providers The Family Care Company, which commissioned the report, said the research found that colleagues also failed to understand the pressures of juggling home and family life.

"Many of the women that mothers work alongside will go on to have children and you would have expected them to be more understanding," said Mr Black, who founded the company following the birth of his two-year-old twins.
I see a clue here.

Also take a look at the comments. They start childfree-heavy, but then turn into more of a debate in recent posts.

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Addy said...

I just love how some of the comments turned to women-bashing, stereotyping, and a lot of really bad arguments. Most of the well-put arguments were put by people understanding of CF/CL, or were CF/CL themselves.

Feh23 said...

Well, when you're really guilty, but are trying to hide it, a feeling of persecution is generally the result.
If you're the parent who is taking off excessive time to "care for my child" without any sort of thought, or thanks, to the people picking up the slack, my guess is you will feel the sting of the stink eye from people who were raised by working parents who some how managed to not take off early every day, or call in sick to care for them. If you're a parent who has made the assertion that you should get the best holiday times off because of "the children", disregarding the fact that even childfree people have families, then yes, the sting of persecution may be felt when you return from your vacation to your coworkers who have been covering your ass.