Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wrongful Birth

I specifically said *one* embryo!

So, basically, a woman in Australia told the doc she only wanted one embryo implanted, and another doc, the embryologist, put in two. Now she has twins. She and her partner are suing for $400,000 to raise the kid they never wanted.

Thus, wrongful birth.

If this suit is successful, my hope is that legally it will begin to be acknowledged that having a baby is *not* an unconditional positive thing. Nor should it be considered "punishment" for sex. Maybe then we can begin to address the concerns of people who were tricked into becoming parents.

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Anonymous said...

I really hope there will be a serious review of ethics when it comes to fertility treatments. For the last decade or so, it seems like doctors are children with brand new toys and no sense of control. If I hear about one more "multiples" birth like it's a trend...