Thursday, November 01, 2007

Childless Aussie Women Showing Career Growth

Childless women prospering
GROWING numbers of childless women are becoming the dominant earner in their relationships as having children remains a serious earnings barrier.
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Professor Pocock said professional women often experienced a major "occupational downshift" after having children and found it difficult to realign their pay rates with male workers.
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[University of New England sociologist Michael Bittman] said females tended to perform better at school, had higher rates of high school completion and had slightly higher rates of entry into tertiary education and as a consequence higher rates of pay when childless.

"While they are childless, quite a lot of them have relatively high earnings."
This data is for Australia, but probably represents a trend across societies. Coupled with the recent article about lack of stigma, it appears that women are finally starting to have a real choice where career and earning are concerned. Of course, as long as women who do have children continue to take on the brunt of childrearing and household duties, differences will remain. Yet aside from justifying childcare and other benefits, such information bears little import for our readers.
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