Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Does age 2 really have to be so terrible?

So is there such a thing as the "terrible twos"? Or is it just an excuse parents have to describe bad behavior?

Parenting expert Michele Borba, author of the book "Don't Give Me That Attitude!," describes the tantrum behavior of 2-year-olds as no less than an "exorcism."

"It's developmentally normal. What your child is trying to do is to assert themselves and they don't have the skills," she said.

Two-year-olds, she said, are extremely egocentric, which may explain why Aubrey doesn't want me to get any grocery shopping done. After Aubrey ran away down the soda aisle, the checker asked me her name.
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Feh23 said...

I know this sounds CRAZY, but I'm guessing this woman made a child with a man. Couldn't the child stay with the man who made it so she could go to the grocery store? And if she doesn't trust the man to watch the child he helped make, why did she make a child with him in the first place?

Bleah, sounds like she lives in hell.

Anonymous said...

is this the same woman with the "Aubrey" in Starbucks? Is she sure she hasn't given birth to the Antichrist?