Monday, February 25, 2008

How teens drive women to work

How teens drive women to work

Law firms are particularly good places for determining who puts in the most hours. Private-sector lawyers keep records so-called "billable hours"
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Before having children women typically put in far more billable hours than men as many as 1600 perhaps because, as Dr Wallace suggests, they feel compelled to demonstrate exceptional work commitment in order to have any hope of being as successful as a man.

Going back to work after having had children, they typically put in far fewer hours around 1400 a year although my own observation suggests they get about as much work done as before. Parenthood necessitates efficiency, at least for women.

Yes. Let us take legitimate data, and draw unwarranted conclusions based on one journalist's observations.
But something surprising happens to Canadian female lawyers after their children become teenagers. They boost their hours at work again, putting in more hours than men and even more than they did before they had children.

Women with teenagers become by far the most productive workers in the office, and even more so if I am right about them having become ultra-efficient.
Again with Mr. Martin throwing in his own theories. I really could have done without it. And from I know about the precepts of journalism, he might need a bit of retraining.
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