Monday, February 25, 2008

It can be hard to have friends who aren't moms

It can be hard to have friends who aren't moms
If I didn't notice it before, I get it now: There is a huge difference between my girlfriends who have kids and those who do not.

The latest proof came when my 2-year-old recently took down a Starbucks with my childless friend as a witness.

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Anne said...

Wow ... where to begin?

1. I am happily childfree, and I definitely have several of the same shirts and pants in various colors. If I find something I like that fits, I buy a bunch of it. If that's a mommy uniform then that's a single/unmarried/working girl in the city uniform too.

2. Coach tennis shoes are a perfect example of label-obsessed over-consumption, and tacky to boot. That friend is not issuing wardrobe criticism from a position of strength. Don't be envious of people who feel the need to wear labels like that.

3. I'm willing to bet that moms as well as non-moms were annoyed at her child running buck-wild and pitching a fit in the Starbucks. Teach your child to behave if you're going to take her out in public. If you know she's melting down, don't take her to Starbucks.

3a. (corollary) If you tell your friend you're going to meet her at Starbucks, don't dawdle around with your errands until your child melts down, then blow her off because your child is melting down. Nobody's forcing you to stand in the baby store talking to the owner for 45 minutes. Respect her enough to keep a "date", and plan accordingly.

Unknown said...

I was on borrowed time. But for some stupid reason, I still decided to meet my friend.


If she does, I'm just going to have to count on my friend to empathize a little - even if she doesn't have kids.

Empathize, with someone who was very late, and brought an already annoyed and bored toddler into a Starbucks, rather than calling her friend and saying "Hey, things got busy, I'll catch up with you another time"?

Yeah, lady, my heart goes out to you.

Feh23 said...

Wow, what a scathing article about a women who's only social faux pas seemed to be being relaxed, well dressed, sans children, with a friend who "obviously was not a mother" and made one snarky comment based on a comment the author made pre-child.

I'm guessing these women are no longer friends.