Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UK couples who don't want to have a family

UK couples who don't want to have a family
Two decades ago, if a woman of child-bearing age had felt as Minnie does now, it's unlikely that she would have been willing to voice her opinions in public.

But today, when even the average age for a woman to give birth has risen to 29, the stigma of being deemed selfish if one chooses to be childless has lessened considerably, simply because it is becoming increasingly common.

While it is true that Britain's population is booming, according to the Office for National Statistics this is due in large part to the numbers of migrant women giving birth.

The reality is that, worldwide, some 41 per cent of women born in 1969 have no children. For many, the misery of infertility is the cause, but for others it is a life choice.
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