Monday, March 31, 2008

Babies in the Office


I selectively cut-and-paste the more...outlandish things.

The perk isn't just for working mothers: 10 fathers at T3 have participated. Toys that one parent used often are passed to other new moms and dads returning to work with their babies, company spokeswoman Courtney Layton says.

"It's been fun," she says. "You can't be in a bad mood when there is a baby there."


"I would wear him in a BabyBjörn (carrier) in meetings and just stand and bounce him around. At 12 weeks, he would make noise and flap his arms when co-workers would walk by," Gemperle says.

To avoid problems, she sent an e-mail to co-workers within 15 to 20 feet of her cubicle and warned they would sometimes hear a baby going "blah blah or gurgling."


"It's for the good of the child," says Sandra Turner, director of the company's employee assistance program. "It's better for them and for the parent."

Employers who allow babies in the workplace say it's a way to retain valued workers.

"Four women got pregnant within a couple of months of each other, and they were in fairly senior roles," says Gay Gaddis, president and founder of T3, which has 250 employees. "I thought, 'What if they don't come back?' Now the babies are here, in internal meetings and being fed on meeting tables. It does a lot for morale."

Hey, what's this? I just found a crystal ball on my desk. It's getting all foggy... wait a minute, I can see the future in there! I see..... lawsuits. Lawsuits, and lots of pissed-off workers on all sides of this issue.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention how women who don't bring children to the office will be judged by their reactions to the "sweeties" in the cube next door. Great... one more thing... act interested in the babies.

Stasha said...

"You can't be in a bad mood when there is a baby there."

Oh, but I disagree. I can't imagine how bad the non-parents, or the parents who dare to put their kids in daycare because they want to focus on their jobs and want a bit of a break from the babyness feel. This sounds like a really unpleasant situation.

Feh23 said...

And of course they only mention in a couple sentences that possibly other workers might not find a work place filled with the sounds and smells of children, on top of being "strongly encouraged" to watch said children during meetings, to be such a great thing. Huh...and no mention of how clients might find such a work place less than professional.

firefly said...

There's a way to have kids around your work.

It's called 'telecommuting.'

Having worked at a state university where there were plenty of young adults in proximity and passing winter germs around at lightning speed (I came down with something every few months, it seemed), I cannot begin to imagine the sickness rate when babies -- diapers, vomit, the unpredictability of it all -- are involved.

Anonymous said...

What the heck?! "Take our daughters to work" day, which now may as well be called "Take the whole damn family to work" day just about drove me crazy in my last office with rugrats running around and popping up in front of my office expecting the "nice lady" to entertain them. I NEED QUIET to concentrate because I AM AT WORK, DAMMIT! Besides, considering the fact that people change their kid's diapers just about anywhere these days without regard to the fact that feces are biohazardous material, I can just imagine how THAT'S going to work in a busy office!

Anonymous said...

WTF people. This is the WORST idea ever!! If people brought kids to my husband's job he would QUIT!! We've recently come to terms with a childfree existence after leaning of our infertility. What if there are INFERTILE people working there, with all of those babies around? Talk about salt in the wound. Get a freaking daycare people.