Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York Times Magazine

Your Kids Are Their Problem
There have always been people with children and people without. Why all this anger now? The answer lies in the confluence of nearly every major social and economic trend of the past 30 years. Start with the birth control pill, which transformed parenthood from an assumption to a choice. Add the women's rights movement, which sent women into the workplace in record numbers, forcing employers to find ways to accommodate families, particularly women who become mothers. Mix in the baby boomers (who have produced a baby boomlet of their own) and technology (which allows infertile couples and gay and lesbian couples to have children). Then there's the fact that, statistically, parents are older and more affluent, meaning youngsters can now be found everywhere -- at the theater, in upscale restaurants, kicking the back of your airplane seat. The world as we know it can sometimes seem infested with children.
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Feh23 said...

Wow. What a horrible piece of writing. She pretends to "sympathize" with childfree people, while at the same time labeling them with such terms as "angry" "seething" and "bitter". Then at the end admits that when she gets old, and her kids are grown up, she'd like to live somewhere without a bunch of loud, trespassing sproggen? But for some reason, it's wrong to want that when you're in prime breeding years.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is, parents will never and can never understand where the childfree are coming from. Their entire lives are constructed around their offspring - and it can really be no other way. At least the author of that piece was willing to try to understand - even if she did not suceed and in the end still feels entitled to special treatment because she made use of her uterus.