Monday, March 03, 2008

Screw career, have a baby NOW!!!

Are we feeling a wee bit alarmist today? I think we are.

Women who want to have children should make it a priority in their twenties to find a partner. That's because one of the most dramatic issues facing Generation X is infertility. No generation of women has had more trouble with fertility than this generation, who received the terrible baby boomer advice, "Wait. You have time. Focus on your career first."

But in fact, you have your whole life to get a career. Obviously, that's not true of having a baby. If you are past your early twenties, and you're single and want to have children, you need to find a partner now. Take that career drive and direct it toward mating - your ovaries will not last longer than your career.

Take that career drive and direct it towards mating! You know, the only thing you really want out of life, if you're honest with yourself, you walking uterus! And maybe you would have found a man already if you spent more time trying to get your MRS instead of your PhD.

And stop being so damned picky! You don't need to find Prince Charming, just find a guy that will marry you and impregnate you. After the kids, husbands are afterthoughts anyway. Why are you still reading?! Go find a man and HAVE A BAYBEE!!!

What the hell is wrong with people...

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Feh23 said...

Careers, something that separates us from animals. Indiscriminate mating? Just like animals. Nice, real nice.
No mention of an appropriate mate, like say someone you love and have a connection to, just get knocked up ladies...the clock's a ticking!! Really what's worse, regretting not having a child? Or having a child you regret?

Stasha said...

Surely the rise in infertility couldn't be nature's way of righting itself during a time of overpopulation. Just sayin'.

This is such a sad message to send to young women.

Chris W. said...

I read the article. I couln't believe what I was reading. Neither could my wife.

That had to have been the stupidest advice I've ever heard from any columnist!

Anonymous said...

The most absurd piece of advice I've heard, in a long, long time - "go and find a mate right now(at once!), because your careers can wait, but not your ovaries!"

Well, all I can say is that this columnist obviously does not have much of a career, does she(and probably never had), writing such ridiculous columns? So, breeding has probably been the high point of her sad, sad life.