Thursday, March 06, 2008

What were these parents thinking?

10 Worst Baby Names of 2007

E-: E...what? You'd think if you had to name your kid after a letter, Jay would be much better than this one, which was selected by parents in Washington. And while we're (grudgingly) willing to accept the use of apostrophes in baby names, we can't say the same for the hyphen. At least not when there isn't any more name to follow it.

Story: Actress Jenna Elfman's pick. It just doesn't make sense and certainly won't start a literary trend. Article, Essay, or Narrative, anyone? Every baby has a tale to tell, just not this way.

Ever: This is an adverb, not even an adjective or a noun, which do okay as names if you're in a pinch. It's going to get confusing when actress mom Milla Jovovich scolds the kid, "Ever, don't ever do that again!"

Heaven Rain: The only good news here: Brooke Burke's two older daughters are named Neriah and Sierra Sky. Though little Heaven's got a pretty lofty title to live up to, she'll fit right in at home.
. . .
Superman: No explanation necessary for why this New Zealand name made the list, but how about the story behind it? The parents' first choice was 4Real (as in, "when we saw him on the ultrasound, we realized he was for real"), but government officials didn't go for it. Mom and dad settled on Superman but insist they'll still refer to him as 4Real. Way to get the last word in.

Maybe they were naming their child after the famed Justice Story? Can I please believe that it is a misstep in the surnames-as-given-names trend, and not as bad as it seems? And for once we can have glee with this without seeming like hateful child-free - this list was created by The Knot's marriage site "The Nest".

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Poofy_Puff said...

I have named 2 of my cats j and q (lower case), and I have one kitten (10 months) named Seven (from 2 families of 3 + 4 black foster kittens. That's my new mission: fight breeder-talk with cat-talk!