Thursday, April 17, 2008

Childless aunt resentful of all that baby talk

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Question: My older sibling finally married and had a child, all within the last three years. I've been happily married almost eight years with no intentions of having children (never wanted them, still don't).

The problem is that whenever there are family gatherings, the new grandchild is all anyone talks about! There is very little adult conversation, and I find myself bored and avoiding gatherings (and more than a little resentful). How do I tell my mother this without sounding like I'm jealous?

She also continually says to other family members (used to say it to me, but I told her to stop) how she wishes I would have a child. We always had a terrific relationship before this.

Answer: You sound jealous. That will make the part about not sounding jealous particularly difficult.
No, she sounds bored. Projecting much?

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully I have two younger siblings that have already given my parents grandkids, so there`s no pressure there.

And by the way, if this 'aunt' really doesn`t want kids, she`s a childfree, not childless. Sounds like her mother is projecting the resentment here. 'Mom' is behaving in a prejudicial way towards her daughter, and needs to be made to understand that this is the kid whom will most likely have the available time to care for her when she`s too old to care for herself. So back off Mom.