Saturday, April 12, 2008

Couples with no kids make best neighbour

The Windsor Star
A new real estate survey finds more than half of homeowners - fully 58 per cent - see twosomes without tots as ideal next-door denizens, followed closely by retirees at 54 per cent (survey respondents weren't limited to one answer). Also popular among the suburban set are singles, with 38 per cent support, and pet owners at 28 per cent.

[O]n the laundry list of undesirables include . . .families with teenagers (37 per cent), and families with young children (20 per cent).
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Feh23 said...

Whaaa? People DON'T like living next door to shrieking, screaming, squawling tots, or loud, annoying, distructive and possibly drunk/drug-addled teens? Imagine that! Now if only more parents would realize this and, oh I dunno, supervise their children outdoors once in a while and (gasp!) even do the work to raise their children to be considerate members of socety.