Monday, April 14, 2008

Politician Proposes Spanking Ban; Journalist Trashes her for Being Childless

Spare the rod …
Ms. Lieber, being childless herself, no doubt falls into the error common among barren women, the belief that children are simply small adults, amenable to logic, rational argument and explanation. On the other hand, she regards responsible parents as children and is quite willing to employ the corporal powers of the state to bend them to her will: Lock them up; subject them to the mental suffering of "parenting classes" etc.
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Meg Dahlgren said...

I find it interesting that so many parents - like the woman quoted here - are so defensive when criticized that they resort to insults. She rather neatly confirms the childishness she hates being accused of when she is unable to back up her position with sound reasoning, preferring instead to toss out the inflammatory and archaic term "barren women." Her whole argument boils down to "you can't possibly know anything because you don't have children." This kind of logic from an adult is the equivalent of a child arguing "I'm right because you're stupid."