Friday, May 09, 2008

Thai restaurant bans kids under 6

I'll have a vegetable pad thai, with a side of "Don't let in the toddlers"
Management for a popular Silverton restaurant announced Thursday that young children would no longer be allowed into the establishment.The manager at the Red Thai restaurant on Oak Street said children younger than 6 aren't welcome in the eatery. The Red Thai manager, Craig Gereau, said children disrupt people who are trying to enjoy a quiet dinner.
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Gereau said he's not discriminating against anyone, he just wants to run a restaurant that caters to adults, and there are plenty of family restaurants in Silverton for children.
Here's my thought... the only reason this has become the policy is most likely due to incidents that happened in the restaurant in the past. So parent of unruly children, you have only yourselves to blame. And it's the responsible parents with kids who do behave who wind up getting screwed.

As an aside, there's a recurring issue in a lot of discussions about breastfeeding in stores, restaurants, etc. Laws frequently state that women can breastfeed whenever and wherever they please, while some store and restaurant owners are none too thrilled about it, especially when it's done as a political action rather than simply feeding their kid. By having a rule that bans all kids under 6, this effectively prevents breastfeeding in the restaurant, presumably without violating the law (oddly enough, by banning an entire group, rather than a specific action). Is this the loophole businesses have been looking for?

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Anonymous said...

it's the responsible parents with kids who do behave who wind up getting screwed.

I don't know that they are "screwed" because responsible parents wouldn't want to dine out with kids under 6. Besides, screwed would mean they have no other options, but they do -- other restaurants or getting take out or cooking at home.

I like the idea of banning small children from restaurants, but personally I prefer to cook or get take-out and eat at home. I don't know what the advantage of eating at the restaurant is!

Feh23 said...

The advantage of eating at a restaurant is...being able to eat off plates without having to wash them.

Iza said...

Can someone recommend a kid-free restaurant or bar in NYC?

craftycorner said...

Paper plates tend to solve the washing dishes dilemma, as do pizza restaurants. Chucky Cheese is a great place to take kids out to eat where they aren't bored out of their tiny skulls.