Friday, July 11, 2008

Selfish? Hey, we’re doing it (or rather not doing it) for the planet.

To breed or not to breed?
We're fed up with the absurd ongoing societal disapproval of our decision not to breed, sorry, procreate. With being pitied for our ostensibly unfulfilled, barren lives; with being suspected of turning our backs on what is considered intrinsically life-affirming, natural and Human; and, most unfair and ironic of all, with being labelled selfish.

When really, surely what we deserve are frequent pats on the back and never having to pay for our own drinks.

Because non-conception is hands-down one of the most effective acts an individual can perform to help avert the greatest crisis of our time – make that the greatest crisis of all time: global environmental destruction and the end of our species, never mind all the others. . . .

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Good Reason to Be Jealous of Portland, OR Residents

OMSI After Dark
Ever wanted to push the buttons on that cool exhibit at OMSI but can't get a chance because kids are having all the fun with it? Perhaps you'd like to enjoy a glass of wine as you peruse ancient dinosaur bones from China? Or discuss the science of brewing with a local brewer? Now you can do all that and more at OMSI After Dark, a museum evening geared for the 21 and over crowd complete with appetizers, wine, beer, and science fun!

OMSI After Dark is part of a new program that offers adults an opportunity to explore the museum in a child-free environment.

I can't tell you the number of times I've wished for such a night at my local science museum. There seems to be a cultural code that no matter how long you've waited, kids go first. Which, of course, means you never get to explore the exhibit hands-on unless the museum is deserted.

I'm a huge science geek, and this has always annoyed me. Especially when I'm trying to learn something, and the kid just seems to be intent on the fun of pushing buttons, oblivious to the content! The wine and food is a nice perk, but if you ask me it's just a side benefit to actually getting access.

Lucky for me, in the world of NYC art museums, there is no such unwritten code. I get to retain my viewing spot until I'm done no matter who wants in.

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