Sunday, August 31, 2008

Should Theaters Offer Kid-Free Screenings?

Mark Oakley at Den of Geek says, in no uncertain terms, that it's high time for theaters to start catering to their adult customers by offering no-kids-allowed shows.
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Clearly, the preferable solution would be for parents to (a) be smarter about what movies are okay for kids, and (b) teach their kids to behave properly in public. Short of miraculous improvement in parenting competence, banning kids at later shows, say anything past 8 or 9 p.m., might be a workable solution. Still, that forces adults to pick between staying out late or suffering with someone else's ill-behaved offspring Another choice especially with multiplexes, might be simply designate one screen for child-free shows. Surely there are other possibilities as well.

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brendalou said...

if kid-free includes teens, I'd go to way more movies!!! All for that!!!

Anonymous said...

How about they start kicking out anyone, of any age, who is being disruptive in a theater? The old drunk guy, the bickering couple, the "fussing" baby and toddler, the giggling teens on their precious cell phones...if you can't keep quiet and stay in your seat, you're out (and with no refund). Come back when you know how to behave in public.

But since that will never happen, childfree movies (plus lower ticket prices and, uh, better movies) would get me and my money into movie theaters more often.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly the reason why if my husband and I want to see a movie we go to the midnight showing. We live in a state where if you're under 18 your driving privledges expire at 11pm. So there are minimal interuptions and outbursts at the midnight showings

Nursedude said...

I don't enjoy going to movies anymore. I do think that teenagers and college age kids have totally forgotten about etiquitte. If you want to have a bloody conversation, watch cable at home, or rent a DVD. Between conversations, texting, people putting their feet up the chairs right by your head, the whole theater experience is just not fun anymore. I am also shocked at the Violent, R rates stuff that people bring really young kids to watch. Give me Netflix.

Anonymous said...

I have just one thing to say about this:

Netflix. In the home theatre.


Anonymous said...

Children should definitely be restricted to viewing movies with appropriate content at appropriate times and with appropriate supervision.

I think it's poor parenting to have children (preteens and teens come to mind) out in groups at the theater unchaperoned late at night anyway. Let's bring back some good old family values and let families host the neighborhood of children in their homes for movie night once a month. They could monitor the content and the behaviors of their children and raise more productive adults.

The very overpriced theater experience could be left for the rest of us and they could use the money saved on their kid not going out to the theater alone towards the cost of hosting 10 kids in the basement for the night.