Monday, September 08, 2008

Bring back Sunday school

The Bolton News: Letters
I HAVE worshipped in several churches over the last few years and I beg, no I demand, that the hierarchy seriously look into child-free churches. Believe me, I would put extra in the offering pot.

I have been jostled, prodded and nearly knocked over, I have listened to endless screaming and crying. Enough is enough. Now I know that there are thousands who would not agree with me, but I also know that there are thousands that would be jumping for joy at the idea.

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Anonymous said...

One reason I stopped attending the local Unitarian services (I am an atheist) was the constant trolling and breeder bingo. I didn't mind the kids all that much, which is unusual because kids set my teeth on edge. But those kids were well-behaved, albeit a bit convinced of their own importance.

I got sick of hearing the mantra FORRRR THE CHILLLDRUNNNNN. Got sick of the swollen bellied goddess types trotting their bumps around, or whipping out a tit in the middle of a service. Just sick of the whole natalist heap o crap. Sick of being constantly pressured to teach in whatever yuppie/hippie term they had for Sunday School. Sick of being expected to like kids, expected to want them around, expected to stroke breeders for adding humans to the planet on one hand, while claiming to love the earth on the other.

I'm now a happy atheist. My sunday services involve sleeping late, good sex, coffee, reading, walks.