Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fake babies ease women's anxiety, sadness

Dr. Gail Saltz looks at the psychology of adults who "play" with reborn dolls
It’s typical to think something is weird or creepy when it’s unknown, far from the norm, or common only to a different culture.
You don't say.
The reality, however, is that people often face sorrowful issues in their lives. In many cases, they use denial to cope with the loss and the resulting anxiety.

This happens to empty-nesters, who may feel they no longer have children to take care of and struggle with what identity they now have left. It also may happen to childless women, whether they have chosen to remain child-free or are childless through happenstance. They may be OK with this until they hit menopause, when they realize there is no going back, and they will never have a natural child. At which point the finality of the door being shut to possible children may bring a flood of sadness.
I'd love to see what they're basing this on. I have many childfree friends, and this sounds about the last thing they would ever want.

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Feh23 said...

Yea, sure, that's it exactly. Grown women who play with dolls that cost several thousand dollars are doing it simply because they're sad.

Childfreeeee said...

Gail Saltz is always talking about women regretting not having kids. Check out this stupid advice she gave in Oprah's magazine that I blogged about.

Anonymous said...

How about this headline:

"Fake babies lucrative fixation for infant fetishists"