Friday, February 13, 2009

Denmark Court Rules Against Child-Free Resort

Resort ban on child-free breaks out of order
Upmarket resorts catering for couples seeking a quiet getaway will no longer be able to ban children under a landmark decision by the State Administrative Tribunal.

The SAT has refused the owners of Chimes Spa Retreat, near Denmark, an exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act after it described itself as an “adults’ retreat”.

The ruling outraged many South-West tourism operators who say they cater for a niche market — couples looking to holiday without children. The unnamed complainant had not tried to book at Chimes but claimed her threeyear-old daughter was discriminated against after the resort was advertised online as an “adults’ retreat”.

Equal Opportunity Commissioner Yvonne Henderson said yesterday any resort that refused children opened itself to legal action. . . .
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Anonymous said...

Well. So much for taking my professional society's conference and our money to Denmark!


Anonymous said...

Given how many places (in the US, granted) are 55+ only communities, I don't understand how they can get away with saying the community has to allow children. Why isn't this some kind of legal double standard (I see similar stuff with both of them in the US all the time.)

Why can't a community define itself????

Anonymous said...

Other reportage about this matter was very interesting and revealing. It transpires that the complainant in this matter was not a West Australian (Denmark is a town in WA, not the nation) and not even an Australian. She was a travelling US lawyer who took umbrage at any WA resort that banned children. She actually went to a number of resorts and demanded FREE accomodation when she approached them. She was refused by this one. It was not reported but insinuated that she threatened the resorts with dobbing them in to the authorties for not complying with discimination legislation. The law does not police compliance -- it is up to indivduals to make complaints. This woman was using THREATS to get free accomodation. Last I checked, that is called extortion. I hope that our Minister for Immigration informs the Australian embassies and consulates in the US to refuse an entry visa to this bitch if she ever wants to visit my country again.