Friday, February 27, 2009

Open Thread: Child-Free Resources, Suggestions, and General Bitching

I know this has come up before on the blog, so this may be a good time to pool resources and share stories. These things go both ways: Women who are considered “fit” to reproduce (young, white, middle-income or higher, educated, able-bodied, etc) are often second-guessed in their decisions to not have children or to delay childbearing — and especially in the decision to go on permanent or long-term birth control. On the other hand, women who are deemed “unfit” to reproduce and/or parent (often women of color, poor women, drug-using women and disabled women) are forced or coerced into sterilization, or legally punished for exercising their fundamental right to reproduce.

So this might be a good place to share resources, strategies and information about how we can fully exercise our reproductive rights in a world where our identities shape just how free we’re all allowed to be.

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Anonymous said...

A "fundamental right to reproduce"? Where does this notion come from?
I think reproducing is not a right, nor a duty... just a bodily function that we now have the choice to use, or not.
The right to choose what happens to one's body, and to humanity as a group, seems much more important to me.