Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great times for childless heathens

Great times for childless heathens
Children, you see, are no longer the must-have accessory of our times and women like me are finding their personal choice validated by a sea-change in global politics. I'd become used to thinking of my aversion to having children as a flight from responsibility and worse, evidence of faulty womanhood.

Now it turns out that I've been a conscientious objector all along, with the planet's best interests at heart. These are great times for childless heathens.

Of all the factors contributing to climate change, over-population is the one which dare not speak its name, calling into question as it does our inalienable right to reproduce. Nonetheless, the evidence is mounting that our sheer abundance is the cause of irreparable ecological damage and the voices of those who believe that we are our own nemesis are getting louder.

Among them is the Optimum Population Trust, which campaigns worldwide for access to family planning services and calls for parents to stop at two offspring, presumably by air-dropping flick books about Octomom and Kerry Katona over the developing world.
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