Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy blogging gone wild has to stop

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But now, in our nation's Facebook Period, the trials themselves are tribulations, the photos are albums of interminable length, and the overflowing diaper is in each status update and every twitter and tweet.

The phenomenon reaches its zenith when your friends' smiling faces are replaced, overnight, with those of their giggling children. Their very personalities are subsumed by their offspring. They exist only to chronicle every gurgle and burp.

It has to stop. For the good of online networking, for the good of the child-free innocents, for the good of the children themselves. Nobody asks the baby if he'd like to be online. And no kid I've ever heard of could consent to Internet infamy before he could utter a convincing "Da Da".
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Anonymous said...

You are so spot on, you make me laugh. A former friend from high school has a blog called "Mommy Musings." I find myself strangely drawn to it, to find out what adventures little Cameron and Cooper are up to on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

They seem to forget I'm friends with the one person with the facebook account and not the kid.

CactusHeart said...

Wendy, you're feeding the beast we're trying to stop. Not to mention, seem to be contradicting yourself. You're like "Oh yeah, the opinion in this article (of how mommy blogs need to stop) is SO TRUE! Btw, I love to VOLUNTARILY stop by a mommy blog or two and read on a regular basis the utterly pointless micro-banalities of mopping up pee, puke and poo." What's REALLY all that interesting about hearing about such things? ESPECIALLY if they're NOT YOUR kids? What little fascinating "adventures" can BABIES POSSIBLY endeavor in? Exploring an uncharted cave for lost relics in Macchu Picchu? Chasing the law on a moonshine-smuggling run? Odds are, it has to do with spitting up and filling up...DIAPERS, that is. Or peeing in, or sticking objects in, breathtakingly odd places. "Adventures". Shyeahhh... Put me down for "no" please, thank you.