Thursday, October 08, 2009

Book Review; Two is Enough

Author defends choice to be childless
Laura S. Scott loves her husband. And that, she says, is enough to sustain a marriage.

They don't need children. "Two Is Enough" is the name of her book explaining a couple's guide to living childless by choice.

"I think I knew very early I didn't want to be a mom," Scott tells me. "I never imagined myself a mom, even as a small child. I never played with dolls. I was 15 when I told my mom, and she suggested things might change with my hormones. Nothing changed."

Scott is 47. She's too young to conceive (excuse the pun) the impact the FDA-approved birth control pill had on young women in the 1960s.
. . .
There has been little popular literature on childless-by-choice marriages.

She says her study led to several surprises, including how much time couples spend making this decision. "It's not made lightly or easily," she says. "For many it's an agonizing process."

And the result?

"For many couples, it's surprising how connected and supportive they become of each other as individuals. There are no gender roles. They really do share household duties," Scott says.

They also share the responsibility for reproduction, with many men deciding to have vasectomies, she says.

There are several web sites and organizations supporting childfree marriages today, Scott says. Check for more information
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