Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Babies in Bars

Should parents be allowed to bring their babies and children to bars?

It is a question in Brooklyn, New York, that's fired up online arguments, prompted unofficial protests and made outsiders giggle. And while the issue may not be exclusive to that area, it's the stuff disputes are made of in what Sasha's dad, Matt Gross, calls the kid-heavy "greater stroller zone" of Park Slope and its surrounding neighborhoods.
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Maegan said...

What kind of "bar" is it? I've never been to Manhattan, so I guess it depends on the "bar". Where I'm from originally, there are "eatery bars" where basically you have a restaurant that also happens to have a bar in it. Think places like Chili's, Olive Garden, etc. Then there are "sports bars"...where there are huge TVs that play every sport you can imagine...and there are booths and tables and also a bar. Then there are the "beer & wing" bars. They pretty much serve appetizers for meals and you can get huge pitchers of beers served to your table. None of these has an overly hostile environment, even the drinking is kept to a minimum, you'd rarely find a drunk there in the middle of the day. Some of them are the types of places where you bring little leaguers after a big game. And then there are the dive bars...where you walk in, you run right into the bar, and that's ALL there is. I wouldn't take a child to that kind of bar, anyplace where you'd actually have to SIT at the bar...no kids. The others...they often have kids items on the menu, booster seats, or at the least a table near the back that isn't near the drinking crowd. The beer & wing places would probably be the second most inappropriate (if you consider the drive bar the first). *But*, I have seen families in those places, too.

Unknown said...

It seems like there are many parents who feel they should be able to bring their kids anywhere: bars, cafes, even a few clubs! I go to cafes to relax, read, and write. But sometimes I can't even stay because yelping toddlers interrupt me. Yes -- there should be some spaces where we can have some quiet. And I'm talking about NYC neighborhoods like Williamsburg and the East Village: which have become more and more baby-friendly.