Saturday, June 26, 2010

Statistics reveal 20% women in US childless by choice | The Money Times

Statistics reveal 20% women in US childless by choice | The Money Times

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sara star said...

We can't be considering ourselves rare or outcasts anymore. We are a large percentage of the population. We shouldn't have to explain ourselves. If someone asks, say because I can.

On a similar issue, a 62 year old woman pulled some "in my day" BS about me not taking my husbands last name. And I told her, well my mother is the same age as you and she didn't take my fathers name either.

We live in a time where we have the choice. How many women would have taken that choice when the number one killer of women was childbirth? We are free and part of that freedom is reproductive choice.

Anonymous said...

I like your column as I, too, am married and childless by choice...but I was wondering how you felt about aging as a child-free person? I don't regret not having kids -- not in the least. But, I am now in my mid-50's and since I don't have kids (nor do I have siblings) I wonder what will happen if I lose my husband and I get Alzheimer's or something. I will be alone to face old age and all its problems. Just wondered how you felt about that aspect of being child-free.

L.T. said...

I think the best way to deal with aging is to build a strong social network. Some people try to do this by having kids - which can work, but is not automatic.

Just as with childfree people, it is about the actual relationship, not just blood ties. That's why there are people with plenty of progeny living lonely in nursing homes, and childfree women being doted on by a niece because they were always a favourite aunt.

At the end of the day, though, I suspect that if I have advanced dementia or Alzheimer's, it won't matter too much where I am as long as my physical needs are met. Money has always done a superb job of seeing to that, which is the reason I'm saving carefully for retirement!