Thursday, August 05, 2010

Childless Careerist Lady Gets Better Job

The Awl: "Childless Careerist Lady Gets Better Job

Elena Kagan is definitely one of my role models, even though she did assign a lot of reading. :)
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Helen said...

You studied under Kagan? Amazing. What was it like?

L.T. said...

I did! It was amazing, although I can say that for quite a few professors at HLS. The class was held at 8AM (which helped to cut down on the desperate scrambling for the limited spots). It was Socratic, which means old-school style random questioning of unsuspected students.

I had to get up at 6 each morning to be bright eyed and bushy tailed; there was no rolling out of bed and coming to class groggy. I chugged lots of (free) coffee and re-read my notes to be sharp. It goes without saying I would never skip the reading, or even skim.

I actually ended up volunteering to speak often enough that I never got cold called. It was a wonderful experience, although intimidating. I always felt like Prof. Kagan was really listening to us and absorbing what we said, unlike some hot shots who would just be waiting to get their own points said. I had a similar experience dealing with her as a part of student government.

That is not to say she was a pushover; when one of us was dead wrong she would be able to articulate the better line of reasoning like the brilliant scholar she was.

I honestly cannot think of a single human being who would make a better justice, no matter their gender or family status.

Helen said...

Wow - what an experience. I'm 50% jealous and 50% in awe.

To my shame I hadn't heard of Kagan until the nomination, but the more I hear the more I'm impressed.

Thanks for continuing the blog, it's a great read.