Friday, August 06, 2010

Polly Vernon on why she never, ever wants a baby

Be sure to check out this month's Marie Claire for a great article by a journalist who gets second-guessed for her certainty she never wants kids. One line really stuck out for me:
Although to be honest none of that was, or is, as big a factor in my decision to remain childless as my instinctive feeling that I just didn't want children.
I feel the same way, and although I feel obligated to rattle off some reasons when doing press interviews, I always try to get this point in. I don't think we should be asking why as if we need reasons not to procreate; we should not be treating parenting as some mandatory default you need an excuse from. It is simply enough that I lack that desire that all parents should have.
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khh1138 said...

I love Polly Vernon to pieces and every time I read her in the Guardian I think she is my English Doppelgänger. Remember when she wrote that piece in the Observer and everyone tore her to bits? Well, not everyone. I absolutely fell in love with her. Go Polly!

charmed said...

they have this online now, Don't know how long it will be there though