Sunday, September 26, 2010

Childfree: Do They Regret Their Choices When They're Old?

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"But are the childfree more likely to not to have anyone there for them when they are old? Studies indicate that it’s not the case. Those without children tend to seek out form stronger social networks than aged parents (whose support network is likely their family, for better or worse). These kinds of relations contribute to feelings of well-being in their senior years.

What else contributes to well-being when you’re old? The common thought is having one’s kids around, but research tends to indicate otherwise. Kids don’t help create well-being as much as having one’s spouse or partner around, and lack of financial distress. In a word, feeling good in later years has more to do with if your partner is around and if you have enough money.

And research also indicates that old people without kids have more money. They suffer when their partner passes just like parents, but will likely have someone there for them, just not loved ones by blood. "
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