Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love thy neighbour? Not with kids

Love thy neighbour? Not with kids:
"We live on the third level and there is a large balcony that’s great for the kids to play on. A few weeks ago, we had friends over and their toddler threw three individually wrapped lollies over the edge. They landed on the grass of a courtyard below.
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Kids... what can you do? She was three, so we took the lollies away.

This week my daughter and a friend were playing with a rubber handball on the balcony and, you guessed it, it took 10 minutes before it too landed in the courtyard.

I was inside doing motherly things at the time when I heard a female speaking in a raised, aggressive tone. I did not realise she was yelling at my children until I heard one of them apologising.

Apparently she was so incensed by the unwanted lollies appearing on her lawn and now a ball landing on it, that she was going to report the children to the site manager before telling the girls she was “getting really pissed off” and marching inside."
Erm... really? She didn't like things being thrown onto her property? Go figure.
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Daghain said...

Nothing sucks more for the childfree than neighbors with kids. Honestly, she's okay with the kids throwing things off the third floor balcony? What happens when they find something bigger to throw, like a potted plant? Better hope no one is walking below when that goes over the rail!



Storm Bunny said...

Back in the days, when we are kids, it was EVIDENT that you wouldn't play on a place where your things could fall onto someone else's property. It's not just "lollies" ora "hardball", or God forbid, a potted plant, but what if the things playfully thrown from upstairs ruin something like clothes, or a lollie falls on someone. Shall people pretend it's a Mr. Bean show and laught outloud?

That terrace might be a great place to "play", but given that there are neighbours and it's not on the first floor, parents should set rules about what can kids play and just how loud.

However, sadly we realize that, though childfree people are "immature" and "in denial" and "weird" or "jaded", quite a handsome amount of parents irresponsably let their kids burden other people, disrespecting minimal rules of behavior and consideration.

It makes you think, too, about what kind of people are they rising in those kids, if something as simple as "respect private property" isn't part of their education.

And yet, lets not forget that we are the "immature" ones.