Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Your Facebook Profile Photo Says About You

"Family Photo How to Spot It: A photo of the subject's children and/or baby usually without the subject.

What It Says About You: The only thing you have accomplished in your adult live is having children. You used to be fun and fabulous and have lots of friends, but now all you can talk about is play dates, potty training, and Dora the Explorer. But don't worry, being a mother/father is the most important job there is. No really. We mean that. Yup, totally."

That is all.

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Mel said...

That article cracked me up! This blog is fantastic, thank you so much for it!

I find it creepy when people put up photos of their kids. Why are people so pedantic about no cameras on the beach, but flog these pics publicly where any pedophile can get a good look?

Also creepy - ultrasound images. What are you supposed to think? Yep...nice uterus you've got going there.