Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Child-free By Choice

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So, people tried to reason with me by using the same logic that they apply when they watch me stuff Oreo after Oreo into my relatively thin frame—“you will change when you hit 30.” Mind you, I was married only four months prior to my 30th birthday. When the magic number 30 came and passed, the logic was that I would want a kid when I was 35. I haven’t reached that number yet to disprove the masses, but it is fast approaching.
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Storm Bunny said...

Worry not, you'll "actually" want children at 40, then at 45, then you'll be sorry at 50, and will be sorry at 55 and so on. At one point, when all attempts to make you get pregnant and join the lines of all other "normal women" fail, then you will be officially declared "broken", "abnormal", "troubled", "immature" and other lovely lables society loves to hang on us.

Consciously choosing not to have children, by any reason you have for it, and sticking up to it shows more than "motherhood" and "bearing children" ever could: it means you respect yourself, you are an integral person capable not only to make her own choices, but also stick to them and fight for them. Being childfree is a decision as valid as having children. Taking this choice - or even the choice of motherhood - after deep self-searching and honest realizing to ones capabilities to live with this decision is mature. Immature is to push others into decisions they don't want to make and belittle those they do.

Keep Strong.

AngieBaby said...

I turned 35 on Dec 31. Still no changing my mind ;)