Monday, July 25, 2011

Your Child-Free Friends

I mentioned that I had kids to someone recently, and her reaction was shock, “You have kids?”
. . .
My new friend looked a little disappointed. She was going to pre-break up with me, and I wanted to tell her that I can have grown-up conversations. I won’t talk too much about my kids. No stories of potty training failures or videos of my kids doing some silly dance. I like fine dining and good literature as much as I like swiping fries from kids’ meals and rhyming books.

Keep up you pre-kid hobbies and volunteer commitments.

Don’t let the responsibilities of parenthood drain the life out of you.

Being a good friend is about finding points of connection.

Don’t judge or be a matchmaker or be a fertility counselor unless someone asks.

Not all child-free people are averse to kids. Invite your friends to a birthday party in the park. The ones who aren’t into kids will gracefully decline. The ones who love kids will appreciate the invite (and chance to throw water balloons).
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