Friday, December 02, 2011

Baby Surcharges? Child-Free Restaurants?

Dining with kids can be a pleasure when they are well behaved and a hassle when they are not. Especially if you’re one table over.
This summer a restaurant in Pennsylvania announced that it was banning children under the age of six. I’m totally against that – my 3 year old is just as well behaved in restaurants as my 6-year-old. But if I want a meal without the whining and seat kicking and even worse that goes on with some children, I expect a ban under the age of 12!

In fact, I’m all for it. I see no reason at all that some restaurants shouldn’t be able to declare themselves child-free zones. As a parent, there are times that I want to go out with my entire family – children included. As an adult there are times I want to be in restaurants without my own kids and not have to listen to other children. A restaurant should be free to clearly state its policy and diners should be free to patronize (or not) a particular establishment.
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