Monday, March 19, 2012

'Friends with Kids' Is Not So Friendly to Those Without Kids

What makes Friends with Kids disappointing is that, in the end, our protagonists don't break all the rules. They come around and follow them. It starts when they swiftly dismiss the option of not having kids -- of course they want kids! -- and it continues on from there. There's one resolutely childfree character in the film -- Mary Jane, Jason's girlfriend. "Honestly, I've just never had the urge, and I love my freedom," she explains. But in her last scene, she's supposed to come across as selfish and pouty -- because she isn't happy about being seated in high-end restaurant next to a family with three squirrelly kids. Overall it's not a terrible portrayal of a childfree person (Mary Jane is played by Megan Fox, so at least she makes the childfree look smokin' hot), but in a movie in which almost everyone is presented sympathetically, M.J. gets the shaft.
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olivia said...

Hmm...I'm getting more and more curious to see this film!