Wednesday, March 28, 2012


OK, this isn't news, but I found it entertaining enough to share.  I'm not too familiar with STFUP as a whole, but the "mommyjacking" section (linked here) has to be seen to be believed.
STFU Parents

This is one of those sites you have to click-through to, since the real fun is in screen captures like the above. Here's an excerpt from the editor:
I’m starting to think that mommyjackers have a sixth sense. Whenever one of their friends has a big announcement or updates about a milestone, the mommyjackers are there, ready to pounce with their needless information. You thought your news was big? HA! Dream on. You thought that people could press the brakes on their own lives for a second to acknowledge yours? Think again, you fool. Mommyjacking is a lifestyle choice - a forever commitment - and people should be prepared to have their “big news” trumped by their hijacking friends when they post an update. No milestone will go unturned in the hands of a mommyjacker, and that’s just how it’s going to be.
This is obviously not a parent-hating kind of blog, as our readers have a diverse array of views on the subject. However, the behavior displayed on the Facebook screen captures in this thread is heinous enough that I'm pretty sure parents would also think its hilarious.
And as to the phenomenon of banal, gross, or annoying Facebook updates from parents? This is not a problem I have every really suffered. I find that careful use of the unsubscribe command is a good way to leave only those people who post relevant and funny stories about their kids even us childfree folks can enjoy.
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