Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Taxpayers pay for children services, why not contraceptives?

Taxpayers pay for children services, why not contraceptives?
A recent letter, printed Feb. 26, was titled “Individual choices should not be society’s burden.” The writer’s point was that if people choose to participate in activities that might produce a pregnancy, other people should not have to pay for their contraceptives. I wonder if the writer has taken into account how taxpayers, especially those who are child free by choice, may feel about supporting other people’s choice to have a child.
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Zyanya said...

People ultimately pay for one another choices. This is part of living in society.

Below is a link to an article that I found interesting demonstrating people paying for things they don't want to.

Claire said...

This is a fantastic point. If I am to choose between supporting kids in school and funding contraceptives, you had better believe I'll be helping support those that are trying NOT to get pregnant.

I know it's a society and we have to help each other, but how many people would be born if their parents had contraception? It could certainly help the overpopulation of the planet.