Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Things Parents Should Give Up to Be Happy
1. Personal space Even if you have the best husband, wife, babysitter, grandparents, etc. who assures you that you'll get some "me" time every now and again, when you become a parent, it's inevitable that your personal space will be violated ad infinitum. Children are your emotional shadows. But they will also be your literal shadows. And as with your other literal shadow, you'll never be able to shake it. As long as you know and accept that, you might just be a little less frustrated each time you take a step and there's a tiny hand or foot not belonging to you that is necessarily standing in (or under) your way.
This is followed by #2: Being alone in the bathroom. I have to admit, I gave up both when I agreed to dogsit again this year. Bebe follows me everywhere, and yes, sometimes even into the bathroom. Then again, all I have to do is say "Want a bath?" and that gets remedied right quick. But sometimes it is a little silly when she stands so very close to me that I have to maneuver my legs on either side of her just to walk.
But you know what? I think these things would actually bother me if it were a child instead. A child who never demanded her own personal space the way Bebe does. A child who had actual constant needs that I couldn't just ignore between occasional butt scratches.

Ah well. I could never give up 3. So a doggie it is. And when her owner gets back from Kabul, I'll relish giving up responsibility and reclaiming personal space nonetheless.

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