Monday, April 30, 2012

I'll Take My Eggs Over, Please!

A Woman's Confession About Children
1. You beg your doctor for an infertility test and hope that the results come back doomed. 2. You notice/prefer people's dogs over their babies -- and don't hide it. 3. There is a pacifier in your house but it's from a 1995 rave in Providence. 4. When someone texts you a picture of their baby, you fall asleep. 5. You hang pictures of baby clothes on your closet... to inspire yourself to fit into them.
I see so many, "Why I don't want kids" and "I don't want kids, and people treat me like a freak" articles that I couldn't help but notice this strayed from the format with humor - it is written by a comedian.

I have to wonder, though, does she really not know other women in NYC who don't want kids? She must travel in very different circles than I do.

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