Friday, May 11, 2012

Childfree: Daily Mail Blames Career Women For 'Enforced' Male Childlessness

The author of this piece from HuffPo isn't any more enamored of the Daily Mail article than I was.
The idea that men might feel less empowered than women to voice their desire to be parents deserves our attention. However, the Daily Mail piece frames the issue in a completely unproductive way -- blaming "career women" for "denying" their partners children.
 . . .
I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a committed couple to disagree on something as fundamental as having kids. However, if they don't agree, that doesn't make the person who doesn't want kids the villain, especially if she never hid her feelings on the subject. Insinuating that women are to "blame" for not wanting children perpetuates the myth that women who don't want children are somehow defective females.
She's far more generous to these men than I am.  I skip the sympathy part and just want to tell them to grow a pair and take responsibility for their decisions.

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