Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mums give it up for their kids

Mums Give Up Careers For Their Kids
Nearly two out of five New Zealand women in a new survey say they have sacrificed career advancement in order to raise their children.

The survey by company Procter & Gamble, ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday, also found 24 per cent of the women surveyed in this country said they had fewer opportunities at work because of their parental status.

Nearly two-thirds of Kiwi mums had sacrificed buying things for themselves and almost half of mums said they put their social life on hold to raise their children.
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"As mums we care for our children without any expectation of reward. But a little thank you and a sweet smile makes it all worthwhile. This Mother's Day I'm looking forward to a big thank you hug from my children along with tea and toast in bed."
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