Friday, June 15, 2012

Befriending Other Parents

Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: To Befriend or Not?
. . . I remember hanging out with my childless friends when I was pregnant with Easton, saying, “Nothing will ever come between us.” On no! I’d try to convince them that I would not cast them aside for some new friend that I’d meet because of my daughter. Ron and I swore up and down that we would stick with our current friendships and not be swayed into new ones because of our future daughter’s budding social life. I recall us saying countless times to each other, “Who would base a friendship on their kid’s relationships? That’s cray-cray!” This was of course before Easton had entered the scene and changed the focal point completely in every aspect of our lives — even our relationship, dare I say. On another note, who would change their lifestyle to accommodate their children’s needs? This is what the single unmarried or newly-married couple thinks. This is what we thought before we had a little one. . . . I’m just saying … things have changed. I was wrong!
I'm not sure I'd want to be friends with someone who says "cray-cray" and thinks the opposite of parents is the "single set". I'm not surprised she has had much more trouble than her commenters in retaining her friendships after having a kid. I also can't help but think her language is a bit over the top:
these little ones are the apple of our eye and shall I say it — gasp — the center of our universe … they most certainly are our heart’s center and have become the grounding force in the latest chapter of our lives. . . Easton is growing like a flower"

Also. . . Easton? Really?
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