Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thomson child-free ad ‘misleading’

 Express Star:
The ad continued: “This carefully selected range of resorts offers you the chance to enjoy a relaxed and independent break with your partner or a group of close friends. Thomson and the resort owners guarantee not knowingly to sell to anyone under the age of 16. See Adult Properties in the A-Z Guide for more information.”

But one person complained that the ad was misleading after she stayed at the hotel and found children were booked in.

Thomson agreed that children were staying at the resort during the complainant’s holiday, but said it was “unreasonable” to expect that this would never happen because it could not prevent people booking children in as adults.

The hotelier in the complainant’s case had told Thomson that they were obliged to take bookings from a few families with children after they received a warning from their local authority following a complaint. However, it would not be obliged to take local bookings from families with children in the future.

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