Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vicki Larson: Is Divorce Easier If You Don't Have Kids?

Vicki Larson: Is Divorce Easier If You Don't Have Kids?:

It's true that divorcing couples without kids may avoid a lot of the nasty legal stuff -- often they can mediate or use alternative dispute resolution. They also may have an easier time getting back into the dating world; there are no custody schedules to navigate, no worries about whether your kids like who you're dating, no fear of dragging them through another breakup. Plus not everyone wants to get involved with a single parent.

But if kids were an issue in your marriage as it reportedly may have been Perry and Brand, imagine what it would be like if your former "I don't want kids" spouse marries again and then has kids with his or her new spouse -- that can't possibly feel good.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 Things Never to Say to Childless Friends | Story | Glo

10 Things Never to Say to Childless Friends | Story | Glo:
When you're an enthusiastic member of the mom club, it's natural to want your pals to join too. But making assumptions about your buddy's baby-making plans can be offensive and invasive—and thinking you know better because you're a parent can hurt your friend's feelings. "Comments about childlessness can be taken as criticism," says New York City therapist Mindy Utay, LCSW, who often counsels infertile couples. Whether a couple is childless by choice or struggling to conceive, prying questions are likely to hit a nerve, she adds. Even if you have good intentions, "A woman without kids may hear, 'What's wrong with you—why are you different?'" Here are some gaffes to avoid with childless friends–and what to say instead.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Farzana Gardee: Accidentally Childfree

Farzana Gardee: Accidentally Childfree:

In looking elsewhere, I am discovering that childfree living is perkier than I thought.

I dream with renewed freshness of a deeper purpose, of an existence beyond the regurgitation of my own flesh and blood, of more than just me. I dream of others, for others.