Sunday, August 11, 2013

Child-free: Redefining "Reproductive Success" | Robert Walker

Child-free: Redefining "Reproductive Success" | Robert Walker:

HuffPo takes on the issue of 'reproductive success:
I would argue that "reproductive success" for the human race is not having more offspring than the Earth can reliably sustain. And if that is a fair measure of reproductive success, the evidence strongly suggests that we should be having fewer children, not more.

By some estimates, humanity is already using about 150 percent of the Earth's renewable resources and by 2030 we may need two planets to sustain us for the long term. We are, in other words, in mortal danger of over-utilizing the planetary resources that our children and their children will need to survive.

That's quite a better way of looking at it.  Although I would still argue that defining 'success' for every individual on earth was an arrogant a futile endeavor on the part of the evolutionary "psychologist".

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