Sunday, January 11, 2015

Being child-free is no reason to keep mum

Sydney Morning Herald

"If I regret one thing about not having children, it's the fact that, apparently, it precludes me from having an opinion on parenting. Any thoughts I might have about raising children are inadmissible. I am not a mother ergo I do not get to have an opinion on motherhood. Which is curious because I get a lot of opinions about my standup from people who have never done standup. Professional athletes endure endless opinions on where they went wrong from faddarsed fans who have never played sport in their lives. And people who have never owned a dog are always first in line with advice on how to stop your dog barking. 
My point is, unless parents are willing to shut up about everything they've never done, then I think it's time childless people were allowed to offer an opinion on modern-day parenting. Cos I have got a lot of opinions. First up, there is wayyyy too much talking. I really miss that classic 1970s, one answer fits all, parental shutdown: "Because I said so." Let's bring it back. Why? Because I said so."

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