Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Childfree shopping hours?

Daily Examiner
A reader suggestion to this newspaper sparked some parent-rage. The writer thinks restaurants are a better venue for childfree hours. I've sat next to my share of well behaved kids in restaurants, and understand these parents' ire at being included in a ban instigated by a different kind of parent. I've also pretty much stopped eating at chain restaurants and dining in the suburbs, and dread when friends invite me to the Upper East Side. A solution for both of us would be nice - the ability to ask parents to quiet or control their children when they disturb other diners (just as you would a drunken adult or loud cellphone talker). But we don't live in this world; such a request would likely create confrontation and controversy. It's *this* we need to change. Then we all - adults, quiet childrrn - could dine in relative peace. Or choose a raucous restaurant. Whatever moves you.
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