Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Cats Are Better Than Babies

The Oatmeal
I'm on team dog: if I wanted to take care of an entitled being that doled out affection sparingly, I'd adopt a teenager. But I don't actually have one, since (like those on team cat point out) they're a lot of responsibility and work. But I think we can agree they're both less work and responsibility than babies. It's the great human continuum of what exactly we find rewarding (raising a human being, unbridled affection, furry cuddles, or total freedom) that I find, in the end, dictates how much we're willing to give up. Which expkains why I find this treacley response on HuffPo wholly unconvincing, while I am sure the artist earnestly believes it. Which brings up the Daniel Gilbert question of: how much are we letting selective memory taint our self-assessment of how happy we really are moment to moment? But that's
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AAM Aadmi Party said...

i dont think that babies are more better than cats...