Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Looking Back: Positive Childfree Trends In 2016

HuffPo by Laura Carroll
This year film, Maman? Non merci! (roughly translated as Being a mom? No thanks!) by the 2014 Childfree Woman of the Year, Magenta Baribeau, won the Best Feature Film Award at the London Feminist Film Festival ... More Use of the Word, “Pronatalism” in the Media ... More Talk about Regret
Read the article to see more movies in the pipeline, examples of these media trends, and other childfree hallmarks of 2016. What changes have you noticed recently in the way childfree people and the parenting decision are portrayed publicly? One thing I have seen is that work-life advocates have shifted more towards flexible hours for all of us, or time off for all our endeavors, where previously giving that only to mothers was the main ask. I think we're starting to see fairness as part of the equasion, and benefits to employers when all employers have their needs met.
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