Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Addressing Climate Change: Happily Child-Free

Researchers have calculated that one additional U.S. child increases the lifetime carbon emissions legacy of either parent by nearly six times. Thus, not having children is by far the single greenest action any one of us can take, although the child-free choice is not usually green-motivated.

If we are to hope for a humane human future, we must bring our populations down to a sustainable level, as we point out in our free online book, and this involves imagining just how joyful families of one or no children can be. The good news is that the process has already begun.
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Friday, December 02, 2011

Baby Surcharges? Child-Free Restaurants?

Dining with kids can be a pleasure when they are well behaved and a hassle when they are not. Especially if you’re one table over.
This summer a restaurant in Pennsylvania announced that it was banning children under the age of six. I’m totally against that – my 3 year old is just as well behaved in restaurants as my 6-year-old. But if I want a meal without the whining and seat kicking and even worse that goes on with some children, I expect a ban under the age of 12!

In fact, I’m all for it. I see no reason at all that some restaurants shouldn’t be able to declare themselves child-free zones. As a parent, there are times that I want to go out with my entire family – children included. As an adult there are times I want to be in restaurants without my own kids and not have to listen to other children. A restaurant should be free to clearly state its policy and diners should be free to patronize (or not) a particular establishment.
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